Friday, 28 February 2020

About Gonabad

Geographical location

Geographical location

The geographical position of Gonabad city with an area of 5902 km2 is 58 ° 41 ° longitude, 34 ° 21 ° longitude latitude.

The neighboring cities of this city are in the north, Faizabad and Bajestan, in the west, Ferdows and Bajestan, in the east, Khaf and south, Qaen.

The average elevation of this area is 1105 m from the open sea level.

Its center is Gonabad, and is located 260 kilometers from Mashhad. Based on the latest divisions of the country, it has 2 sections called central, Kakhk, 3 cities, 4 districts and about 125 settlements. is the only specialized website providing information about Gonabad, which aims to introduce Gonabad, culture, historic centers, villages, amusement centers, and so on.