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About Gonabad

Aknowlege about names

Aknowlege about names

There are a number of different things about the name of this city, some of which are:
That Gon means Goblin, and Gonabad has been told by Gonabad that the excavation of Qanats was not the work of ordinary people.
It means that the sum of domes, because in the old city of Gonabad, all the houses were built in the form of a dome.

The fact that Gonabad was originally Gon abad, and in the Turkish language it means the sun, since, according to ancient astrology, the quadrant is divided into seven climates, and the fourth climate is attributed to the sun, and Gonabad is in the same climate. It is famous for Gonabad, which means the sun is rising.

It is originally called Gavan abad (Gavan=Astragalus), and it is said that it is a plant that goes a lot in the deserts of Gonabad, henceforth it is called Gavan abad, which has changed to Gonabad due to the plentiful use of it.

The central part of the city in the past, is called Juymend . The city has four qanats: Qasabeh Qanat, Deh Qanat, Aliabad Qanat and Husseinabad Qanat, and maybe it's called Juymend, that is, the owner of the gutters. The deepest Qanats in the Khorasan area are located in this area. is the only specialized website providing information about Gonabad, which aims to introduce Gonabad, culture, historic centers, villages, amusement centers, and so on.